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Bad media coverage of vegetarian diet effect

Difficulty of challenging AA reputation

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Help Sessions (times of day and locations listed below) on Mon and Tue (24, 25 Sept) are for Exam 1

Exam 1 is given on Wed 26 Sept in class.  It covers chapters 1-7, 9 and all of lecture. Lecture did not cover but you are responsible for Chap 9 examples 1-5 (pages 108-113). Skip all of radiation in Chap 9

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Final totals (calculated as per syllabus) — email bio301d if something is wrong

Grade thresholds await any corrections to these records, challenges and other last-minute adjustments

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Lecture notes from 1 Dec (video failure)

personality descriptor survey [To take the survey you need 2 ‘codes’ that you will find in your Canvas list of grades: use your post code as user, and the 5-digit surveypwd as the password (omit the comma); completion counts as a quiz, but you must score the description to complete it.]  –(Deadline 8:00 PM, Thursday, 1 November)

The Nova video and Facilitated Communication videos are available on Canvas

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Help Sessions (meet only when announced)

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