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End of Semester Calculations

Exam 4 results

Exam 4 versions and keys

Help Sessions for exam 4 on Wed, Thurs

Survey for your attitudes about PollEverywhere

Calculations of ‘totals’ (based on the 8 highest quiz scores) are at the ET link below.  Read the syllabus to see how these calculations are done. Make sure you confirm that the scores listed with your postcode are yours; Canvas has most of those individual scores.

Homework 4 may be turned in early for early grading

UT budget (last year)

Link to article for Quiz 8 (taken on Canvas, due 1 December)

Link to article for Quiz 9 (taken on Canvas, due 1 December)

Link to article for Quiz 10 (taken on Canvas, due 1 December)

Conflict Intro

Tragedy of the Common

Diet fraud study

Exam 3 results

Quiz 12 instructions

Video: Unsettling accounts (Fox News)

Video: Lie to Me

Video: Prisoners of Silence (2)

Plot of finishing order versus score on exam 3

Instructions for Online  Quiz 9

Instructions for Online  Quiz 10

Quiz 10

NPR on invented numbers


Exam 3 on Wed 12 Nov (Chaps 16, 18-21 and lecture)

Drop the lowest exam, lowest homework and 3 lowest quizzes to get your corrected total.

correlation of exam scores

9th Quest Quiz (due 6 December, 23:59); instructions  here 

10th Quest Quiz (due 6 December, 23:59); instructions  here  article here

in-class homework given last Wednesday (30 Oct) Results on Blackboard, versions and keys here;

in-class homework based on these articles:  article1  article2  article3  (in article 2, limit yourself to the Abstract and Study design paragraph, and then only to statements that inform you about ideal data features)  Recommendations for studying are here.

Things are not always repeatable

‘Numbers’ chapter

60 minutes on bullet lead analysis

Personality Survey Results

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